Accepted Papers

  • Proof-theoretic Conservative Extension of HOL with Ad-hoc Overloading.
    Arve Gengelbach and Tjark Weber

  • A Myhill-Nerode Theorem for Register Automata and Symbolic Trace Languages.
    Frits Vaandrager and Abhisek Midya

  • Qsimulation V2.0: an Optimized Quantum Simulator. (Tool paper)
    Hua Wu, Yuxin Deng, Ming Xu and Wenjie Du

  • CiMPG+F: A Proof Generator & Fixer-upper for CafeOBJ Specifications.
    Adrián Riesco and Kazuhiro Ogata

  • Statistical Analysis of Non-Deterministic Fork-Join Processes.
    Antoine Genitrini, Martin Pépin and Frédéric Peschanski

  • On Two Characterizations of Feature Models.
    Ferruccio Damiani, Michael Lienhardt and Luca Paolini

  • The Complexity of Boolean State Separation.
    Ronny Tredup and Evgeny Erofeev

  • Occupancy Number Restricted Boolean Petri Net Synthesis: A Fixed-Parameter Algorithm.
    Evgeny Erofeev and Ronny Tredup

  • Star-freeness, First-order Definability and Aperiodicity of Structured Context-free Languages.
    Dino Mandrioli, Matteo Pradella and Stefano Crespi Reghizzi

  • Formal Verification of Parallel Stream Compaction and Summed-Area Table Algorithms.
    Mohsen Safari and Marieke Huisman

  • Compositionality of Safe Communication in Systems of Team Automata.
    Maurice H. ter Beek, Rolf Hennicker and Jetty Kleijn

  • Analysis of Bayesian Networks via Prob-Solvable Loops.
    Ezio Bartocci, Laura Kovács and Miroslav Stankovič

  • Semantics of a Relational Lambda-Calculus.
    Pablo Barenbaum, Federico Lochbaum and Mariana Milicich

  • Implementing Hybrid Semantics: From Functional to Imperative.
    Sergey Goncharov, Renato Neves and José Proença

  • Implementation correctness for Replicated Data Types, categorically.
    Fabio Gadducci, Hernán Melgratti, Christian Roldán and Matteo Sammartino